War of Winds

The Rise of Tamyra Gylfie
And the PCs too, I guess

As the party camped for the night, Jaeden caught a villager attempting to steal from a militia cart and coerced him to leave it be. He then reported the would-be thief to village leader Stojen in the morning as everyone readied to continue the journey to Welwyn.

During the day’s travel, Jargar became aware of far off voices in the hills, giving him an uneasy feeling. After consulting the others, Blackwood sent his familiar out to investigate. The black owl immediately took notice of a band of orcs travelling parallel to the road, watching the caravan with great interest. As Jaeden expected, the band waited for the caravan to stop and make camp before attacking. Six orcs came out of the darkness, and clashed against the party and its militia. Of the redeemed bandits, a woman named Tamyra Gylfie of the Violet Hills village threw down her crossbow and engaged in single combat with a towering orc. She seemed absolutely fearless in the face of its greataxe. She took a few blows, but with the help of the party, the orcs were slain.

Despite being somewhat sore in the morning, the caravan loaded back up and made the final stretch to the city of Welwyn. There, for the first time in his life, Cho saw the city gates were closed. Outside of it were dozens of carriages and tents from other caravans who had also come seeking refuge in the city of milk and honey. Apparently, the guards had been given the strict order to not open the gates. Stojen tried to pull strings, claiming he was the childhood friend of the mayor, but Novak denied knowing anyone by the name of Stojen. Cho also had his parents summoned to the gates, who were excited to see him but lamented that they couldn’t convince the guards either. Blackwood and Stojen worked together to forge an invitation from the Mayor, but it was promptly discarded by a guard who noticed it bore no official seal. Jargar even tried to intimidate the guards, and though he succeeded in striking the fear of Torm into their hearts, they cried that they would lose their jobs if they opened the gates.

Meanwhile, with his expertise, Jaeden found a sewer outlet big enough to enter. He and Cho readied to sneak into the city at dusk, along with the help of Blackwood’s familiar. Though Jargar could not, in good conscience, follow.

The Parlay
And Animal Troubles

After resting for a night in the village of Brinegate, Blackwood suggests that instead of killing the bandits, it would be more beneficial for the two groups to work together. Jargar proposed this to the villagers, a halfling named Stojen in particular, whom the others trusted to make the decision. Obviously, he was hesitant and highly doubtful, but ultimately willing to work with the bandits. The party gathered the bandits they’d killed the day before to offer up to their kin for burial.

Tracking was no difficult feat; the bandits had literally left breadcrumbs to their hideout. Unfortunately, their trail was also picked up by an ogre who was amusing himself by spinning the wheel of a broken cart that was left behind. Upon seeing the working cart being pulled by the party, he attacked. The daft giant hit like a stampede of horses, but was defeated with Cho throwing the final punch. After a quick rest to catch their breath, the party resumed their trek.

Upon finding the bandits’ hideout, the party saw that the entrance was being guarded by two cockatrices chained on either side of the cave mouth. After much deliberation, and some singed feathers, the party decided to camp nearby and wait for the clucking sentries to fall asleep. At the break of dawn the party attempted to sneak by, but woke the creatures up. Luckily, the party was quick enough to narrowly dodge the petrifying beaks.

Inside, the party explored the hideout, finding a deer that was butchered by an amateur and a large storage area that held lots of stolen crates and barrels, but no food. They also stumbled upon a play area hidden behind a curtain, with toys scattered across the floor and chalk drawings on the walls. When the party found the bandits, who were setting the table for breakfast, there were tense negotiations. Facing the threat of their children starving during winter, the bandits agreed to ally with the villagers.

However, when the lot returned to Brinegate they were met with unfortunate news; the fishermen had returned from the bay to report that the nets were empty. There would be no food for neither the villagers nor their new guardsmen. Stojen declared that he knew the Mayor of Welwyn personally, and was confident that he would help them if they went north to the famed city. They asked the party to lead them, fearing what dangers would lurk on the road. As the villagers packed their wagons, Blackwood went off to create his familiar; a black owl named Willow. Jaeden gathered enough resources to brew potions of healing for the journey. Sure enough, the caravan was halted by a Displacer Beast that was chasing down an injured Blink Dog. The party, as well as the guardsmen, slew the big cat and took its coat. The dog seemed grateful, wagging his tail.

Fire and Rain
And More Fire

The party, on a ship sailing home to Pardeux, was broadsided by a smaller vessel. Upon investigation, it seemed this vessel was abandoned after taking an idol onboard from the Quossi Wilds. Long dried blood coated the rows of oars and various parts of the ship, yet a lantern remained illuminated. Three bodies were found in the lower decks, one strangled and the other two stabbed in the chest. A sole survivor remained, malnourished and weak, but alive. He took responsibility for the three murders, though he blamed the cleric of Torm, and was put in Paladin Vampash’s custody.

When the captain heard of the discovery, he scuttled the cursed little ship and changed the course of his ship to avoid the dreaded Silent Sea. As a result, the ship was caught up in a storm that wrecked its rigging and tossed a lantern onto the food stores. The party aided in putting out this fire as the sailors secured the sails, and once dawn broke, it was clear that they were in no condition to make it to their original port.

Instead, the ship made port in a small fishing village called Brinegate. Yet, when they arrived, no one was there to greet them. White smoke billowed from the north, the windows of the village houses were boarded up, and to the east bandits were pillaging the villagers’ food stores.

After killing a few bandits, the rest ran off, and the villagers explained that it wasn’t the first time. In fact, they had been under attack for many months as the war between the two human kingdoms continues to rage across the continent. Soldiers even came and torched the fields, ruining all of their crops.

“King Avesmorgen declared that if he couldn’t convince the City of Winds to join his monarchy, he would take them by force. But then King Feldrath made it very clear that he wouldn’t allow that, and offered his ‘protection’ to the Winds if they would kneel to him instead! Can you believe that?! Now the two kings are in all out war, and they’ve been tearing up the country! Between the soldiers and the bandits, I don’t know how we’re going to survive!”


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