The City of Winds

City_of_Wind.jpg The City of Winds, often simply called “The Winds”, is a flourishing metropolis located in the valley of the Wedded Mountains. Having over sixty thousand people who call it home and even thousands more traveling merchants and visitors, The Winds is by far the largest city in Pardeux.


The Winds was founded two hundred and twenty one years ago by a collection of merchants in an effort to regulate and strengthen trade between The Kingdom of Avesmorgen and The Kingdom of Feldrath as well as the territories surrounding them. The vast improvement of the road through the valley as well as the addition of trade-oriented accommodations made the city grow quite rapidly. Today sixty percent of all the trade conducted on land in Pardeux is done through the City of Winds.



Since its founding, the Winds’ territory has expanded radially from the center of the valley; extending longitudinally to the hills at base of the mountains and laterally to the West entrance of the valley but just short of the East entrance. Being seated right between the Wedded Mountains, the city constantly experiences moderate to high winds, however the namesake is believed to have come from the steady jets of air which average 25-31mph for a half mile before the entrances to the valley due to the crescent curvature of the mountain ranges. Thanks to these breezy gates, there are relatively few birds or flying insects and therefore only a small variety of plants native to the valley; the landscape is mostly grassy plains with diminutive trees.



As a result of being founded by tradesmen, the jurisdiction of the Winds has always been through a small number of people negotiating with each other for the best deal. While the city grew, the group evolved to form an official council. Seats on the council are granted via a nomination and election by the current members. A council member may also be dismissed in this fashion or willingly resign, but otherwise the position is for life. Today there are seven seats on the council that correlate with the various needs of the city: the primary lawmaker, an arcane expert, the chief healer, a trade overseer, the army general, the captain of the city guard and an official liaison.


The City of Winds has 66,209 permanent residents and approximately 98,000 seasonal visitors who are usually merchants from smaller cities or towns. The Winds is primarily composed of humans, being 50% of the population, followed by 14% being elves and 12% being dwarves. Halflings and gnomes each make up 7% respectively, and the remaining 10% are either hybrid or more exotic races.


Considering the windswept nature of the city, it’s no surprise that every celebration and holiday feature a myriad of kites. There are also numerous festivals directly dedicated to them; be it a competition of artistic quality, tournaments between fighting kites or trick shows with skilled flyers. All festivals are usually held in open fields just outside of the city, despite the buildings in the city being fairly short; rarely reaching more than two stories. The buildings, if they are not perfectly round, typically have six to eight sides topped with well insulated metal roofing. This style of architecture has been found to best withstand the frequent gales. A favored delicacy among the people seems to be imported seafood, usually preserved by cryomancy.



Because it is the biggest trading hub on the continent, the City of Winds holds great influence over most of the cities in Pardeux with the exception of the isolationist Fekadi and the sea loving Varya Keep. Both King Feldrath and King Avesmorgen have proposed to incorporate the Winds into their kingdoms multiple times, but the council has expressed no interest in being ruled by a monarchy and remains wholly independent.

The City of Winds

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