The Wedded Mountains

Stretching across central Pardeux are the Wedded Mountain ranges; 130 miles of bluffs separate the cold north, windy valley and temperate south. The crests of the ranges are about eighty miles long with gentle slopes surrounding them. While many small villages can be found scattered across the mountains only one large city, Duldahn, can be found. This was made possible by digging into the slopes of the mountain as opposed to settling on top of them.

The mountains were once believed to have been formed from the bodies of two giant gods. Husband and a wife, lying beside each other for all time. The husband, Maz, lies to the south while his wife, Zona, lies in the north. The winds that blow down from the cliffs are said to be their breath mingling throughout the valley forever. Though now regarded as simply a child’s bedtime story, altars to these primordial gods can still be found hidden on the mountainside with fresh offerings, and traditional wedding vows still invoke their names.

Notable peaks include Cloudmaker’s Peak, located just southeast of Belcarys in the Zona range. Cloudmaker’s Peak is known for being the site of a magical mishap that led to the creation of the Reverse River. The golden peak of Zloto, located far east of the Maz mountains in the Bracia range, which contains the palace of Duldahn. Finally, the highest point on Pardeux is the dormant Otwor volcano; thirty miles northwest of Welwyn, it stands 8,212 feet above sea level, and has a permanent snowcap.


The Wedded Mountains

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