The Golden Sea


Between the mainland of Pardeux and the Island of Varya is the Golden Sea. It covers approximately 5,760 square miles; 160 miles laterally and 70 miles longitudinally at their widest points. There are dozens of small islands which are home to fishing villages and mine towns for the unique volcanic rock. Tales of how deep the abyss is vary greatly as some sailors claim that it’s bottomless, home to all manner of leviathan monsters. Others declare there are parts where it is shallow enough to see all the sunken ships full of glittering treasure. It is from these stories that the name of the sea came about.

Though truth be told, most of the sunken ships were not caused by mythical monsters; the sea is swarmed with pirates who prey on trade ships all across the eastern coast. Most of which are based in Varya Keep, though lesser factions can be found on surrounding islands. Despite the best efforts of the trade business and Avesmorgen’s royal navy, piracy has refused to be stomped out.

Among the islands there are stories of a sea goddess that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. They call her Medonesia, ruler of the islands, and believe that it is by her grace that fair sailing in the Golden Sea is possible. However this goddess is commonly associated with the pirates, making mainlanders believe she is inherently evil. From mainlanders in the west there are stories that Medonesia murdered her twin sister who ruled the southwest, causing that sea to become Silent.


The Golden Sea

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