The Machinist's Forest


Spanning 1,537,920 acres of the northeastern quarter of Pardeux is a forest that seems to reach into the sky itself. It was once known as the Giant’s Forest for how gargantuan its trees are. The average adult tree can be up to a thousand feet tall and sixty feet in diameter. They are far too big to be harvested for lumber in the traditional way, but the clever gnomes of Oradove found a way to create their homes anyway.

After some experimentation the first gnomes found that only the outermost layer of the trees was alive, while the inside was simply old dead wood. Therefore they carefully carved their way into the large trunks and coated the inside with a special varnish to keep the wood hydrated and protected from insects. The extracted wood was then turned into furniture and returned to the semi-hollowed trunks or used for exterior buildings on the branches. Over the years the outermost layer of their living towers continues to grow, calling for annual trimming around the windows and doors to keep them from growing over.

It is because of the gnomes’ presence that the name of the forest was eventually changed as the famous inventor, Issus Coleo Ptratus, has left traces of his work all over the forest. From tiny clockwork beetles to the extremely intimidating myrmidons, all of them can be found wandering through the huge trees. It is not uncommon to see broken machines being repaired by modrons, despite no one in Oradove understanding how they work. Conversely, Ptratus’ creations often fight off attacks from Slaadi, who hate the order the gnomes have created.


The Machinist's Forest

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