The Quossi Wilds


To the south west of Pardeux, just across the Silent Sea, lies a strange island that few dare to venture. It is approximated to be 3,377 square miles of damp jungle spattered with murky swamplands, all of which surrounds a dark swirling gulf. The island grounds themselves seem to be ever changing from a combination of tides and persistent thunderstorms. What seems to be dry land for one day quickly disappears under muddy waters the next. At least, that is what was described to the first cartographer from Holzstern who made an effort to put the island on Pardeux’s map. He dare not visit the island himself, but instead made a bargain with a bronze dragon to scout the area. Due to this unconventional method many people doubt the accuracy of the resulting maps.

This especially goes for the handful of ruins that are said to lie around the island. According to the overhead view of the bronze dragon, the largest of these ruins seem to be three cities made of stone and mostly reclaimed by the wild. In addition, records in A’alenora tell of receiving trade across the Silent Sea from a human city, but that was over a thousand years ago. The city was apparently called “Asclepia” and traded unique alchemical ingredients native to the island, as well as extremely virulent poisons. Many excursions have been mounted to find this lost city with the assumption that one of the larger ruins must be it, but of the groups that have managed to return, none have reported finding it.

Somehow, a rumor about the lost city started circulating among coastal villages and spread inland. The tale goes that a treasure of untold riches rests among one of the ruins. Of course the story varies, as rumors often do, from person to person. One version might say that the treasure is a powerful ancient artifact among other arcane wonders sealed away on the west coast ruin, while another claims it is a mountain of gold and glittering gemstones in the ruins to the east. There are even whispers that the ruins south of the gulf have divine secrets. This incites treasure hunters from all over Pardeux as well as nearby continents to go into the Quossi Wilds. Though many a ferryman will warn, it’s usually a one-way trip.


The Quossi Wilds

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