The Silent Sea


To the south west there is a sea that stretches 130 miles across the coast of Pardeux. It also puts 40-60 miles between Pardeux and the untamed isle of Quossi. This sea is quite peculiar in that there are little to no waves, no wind and very little current. While incredibly tranquil, this makes the sea a nightmare for most sailors as any craft propelled by sails will do nothing but flounder at sea. Oars are an absolute necessity, thus galleys and rowboats are the only vessels found in these doldrums.

The crystal clear waters of the Silent Sea are amazingly deceptive; sunlight reveals colorful coral and fish, making the sea appear far more shallow than it actually is. This dissuades even more travelers, who fear their ships running aground. On the other hand, local fishermen have quite a firm grasp on the first few miles off the coast. They know where the most populated reefs and dangerous shoals are. It is from this sea that most of the City of Wind’s fish market comes from.

Travelling further south, however, is generally avoided. What little current the sea possesses is strongest near the middle, and has a tendency to draw vessels off course. With no way to anchor in deep waters, exhausted rowers are at the mercy of the meandering current. Worst case scenario, the ship will find itself on the shore of the Quossi Wilds.


The Silent Sea

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