Oradove.jpgIn the heart of the Machinist’s Forest lies the most technologically advanced city in Pardeux. Oradove is an ever growing city filled with wondrous machines, colorful potions and clever inventions created by the Gnomes who live there. Visitors never cease to be amazed by the gadgets and concoctions they find in the city.


Though most gnomes live underground in burrows, the residents of Oradove devised a more scenic way of living when they came upon the gargantuan trees in the Machinist’s Forest 753 years ago. Instead of digging into the ground, they carefully carved their homes into the trunks of the trees where they were safe from the beasts of the forest and other intruders without sacrificing breathtaking views from up high. Inventors quickly sought to solve the problems that arose with their living towers; creating a special varnish to keep the wood hydrated, automated lifts, suspended rail lines and much more. Farming, however, was quite limited as the forest canopy stole virtually all of the sunlight, causing most of their food to be imported. When wood elves fled east from the increasingly dangerous Whispering Forest they were welcomed with open arms, especially when they brought their skills for hunting the large game in the forest. The wood elves have since had a symbiotic relationship with the gnomes of Oradove and surrounding villages.



Oradove sits in the northeastern quarter of Pardeux, surrounded by the famously large trees of the Machinist’s forest and is twenty miles from the coast of the Shattering Sea. The city’s territory shares an Eastern border with the Kingdom of Avesmorgen, specifically the city of Wieren.



The gnomes rarely work on their own, preferring to work in groups, especially on large projects. Work is divided and assigned based on specializations, usually by a higher ranking specialist in the field. Though the overall manager changes with each project as it led by whoever’s vision is trying to be fulfilled. Gnomes use this approach on everything from an individual’s invention to a city wide architectural plan. Similarly, the wood elves work together in hunting parties that are headed by one or two leaders while the entirety of the force answers to their Master Hunter.


The bustling city is home to 11,588 people, the vast majority of which are rock gnomes though quite a few forest gnomes live among them. Together the subraces make up 80% of the population. However this number is steadily decreasing since being joined by the wood elves from the west, who currently make up 15% of the overall population. The remaining 5% are usually tourists and merchants who come to marvel at the city’s innovations.



Much like the dwarves of Duldahn, the gnomes place a great importance on their crafts. However, while dwarves spend their lives honing their skills and producing masterworks, Oradove gnomes prefer to explore the unknown and create things that have never been seen before. Though it often results in failures, sometimes even catastrophic, it also leads to incredible inventions. The most famous inventor, Issus Coleo Ptratus, came to Oradove not long after its founding. Some say he was a gear mage while others claim he was simply brilliant. In any case, it was his visions that shaped the city into what it is today. When most inventions utilized simple mechanisms like counterweights and wind-ups, Ptratus discovered a way to infuse magic in his machines, creating limitless potential. In his youth he always shared his schematics, including life changing mechanical limbs. Yet as he grew older he became more reclusive and secretive about his projects, even moving outside the city. People noticed that he created huge clockwork monstrosities that guarded his workshops, but thought little of it after all his previous achievements. However, Prtratus never taught anyone how to make them or how to control them, and when he died they began to roam the forest aimlessly. Over the years they slowly broke down or malfunctioned, some even becoming hostile when stumbled upon. Due to their seemingly endless ranks, some people believe that they are still somehow being made. Their constant presence has earned the Machnist’s Forest its name.


Due to the involvement of magic in of many of their inventions, Oradove is close trading partners with the Arcane Institute in nearby Belcarys. Conversely, people in Weiren do not look fondly upon their unnatural devices for the same reason. The gnomes also have a heavy presence in the City of Winds, where they often showcase their newest creations. Finally, far to the West, Oradove wood elves may still find familial ties to the people in Fekadi.


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