The Shattering Sea


Stretching six hundred miles across the entire north coast of Pardeux is a sea of icy water. In the cold winter months the waters freeze, creating a sheet of ice between Pardeux and the frozen wastelands fifty miles to the north. Though the waves make quick work of the thin sheet, shifting and fracturing, creating a cacophony of echoing cracks that can be heard from the shore. Many believe these sounds to be ill omens, the footsteps of Frost giants or even the roars of a white dragon.

Though any sailor who has been through this sea will tell you there is nothing spectacular about breaking ice. In fact, it’s quite dangerous during the winter as the water can freeze a ship in place overnight. Even in early spring, the shifting ice floes can latch onto a ship like an eagle’s talons into a fish, rupturing its hull with ease. It takes very specialized vessels to make it through the arctic waters, ships called Koch, which are usually found in Wieren. Though smaller villages in the north use reinforced canoes to do their fishing.


The Shattering Sea

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