The Whispering Forest

The Whispering Forest is the biggest and most dense forest in Pardeux, blanketing almost three million acres of the northwestern quarter. It used to be home to thousands of scattered wood elf villages, but within the last three centuries those villages have either been abandoned or disappeared entirely. Now the wood elf population has migrated either to the west of the Whispering Forest in the city of Fekadi or to the far east to live with the gnomes of Oradove.

Centuries ago the forest almost covered the entire west of the continent, until humans settled on the Coral Bay Strait. The Feldrath family in particular led extensive deforestation missions, pushing the treeline back as much as twenty miles north of the strait and claiming all the land for themselves. This has been the cause of much grief between the Feldrath Kingdom and the wood elves.

According to the elves, the Whispering Forest used to be beautiful, an immaculate hunting ground bearing the fruits of their god, Rillifane Rallathil. Now it is like a nightmare made real; some say it’s cursed, forsaken by all benevolent gods and left to grow in chaos. A place that is evil all the way down to its roots. Others say it’s haunted, that all the souls whose bodies had been abused by necromancy filled the trees and whispered madness in the ears of the living. However, all agree that the Whispering Forest is home to thousands of horrific monsters. The Feldrath royal family has fought against these monsters for generations, protecting their people who settled near the tree line. The elves also face a daily threat from these creatures, and claim that it was the massive loss of territory that forced all the monsters north into a deadly concentration, making the forest uninhabitable.


The Whispering Forest

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